Welcoming our new Ambassador, Lambert Grijns

As I write this text I just completed my third week in Jakarta. I arrived together with my wife Margot and our first impressions are overwhelming; such a big country, such a great nation, so much diversity, colourfulness and hospitality. And what a special relationship between Indonesia and The Netherlands!

Lambert Grijns

Becoming the Netherlands Ambassador in Jakarta therefore is a great honour. And for me it is a dream come true, since this posting means returning to my country of birth. I was born in Bogor in 1962 and moved with my parents and siblings to the Netherlands in 1970, returning to Bandung for study and work in 1987 and 1988. Indonesia has changed dramatically in the meantime but our first weeks here confirm what I’ve known my whole life: Indonesia and I sangat cocok.

Margot and I have three children, who are studying and working in the Netherlands. Margot works  in The Hague but will be as often as possible in Jakarta. As a family we lived in different countries, including Vietnam, Rwanda, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, where I was an ambassador. And our last eight years in the Netherlands made it possible for our children to finish their Dutch high school.

Looking forward I intend to further deepen and broaden our excellent relationship with Indonesia, especially in the economic, cultural and scientific domain. My personal fields of interest are, in line with my professional background, urban planning and water&environment, but I also love travelling, sports and playing music (saxophone). Looking forward to meeting you! You can follow me on Twitter @LambertGrijns.