Now hiring: a driver for the Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh city

The Netherlands Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City is looking for a full-time chauffer.

Job profile

Job title: Driver

Job level: 03

Number of hours per week: 40

Mission: HCM

General features of the job

  • The driver transports people and goods for professional purposes of the CG.
  • The driver takes care of the maintenance of the official CG car.
  • The driver is accountable to the Operational Manager for the transport of people and goods and day-to-day vehicle maintenance.
  • Driving and other instructions, traffic legislation, etc. are applicable.
  • The driver advises on whether or not to carry out minor maintenance, transport arrangements and whether to take alternative routes.

Duties and responsibilities

Description of duties:

  • Transport of Head of Mission and colleagues, and, if necessary, incoming missions from the Ministry in the Hague
  • Transport of goods, if necessary for the General Affairs section;
  • Carry out tasks for the Operational Management Section , such as mail delivery and collecting (incoming and outgoing mail), payment of invoices and bank-visits.
  • Carry out administrative tasks, as assisting in preparing standard notes verbal for Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam, for renewing driving license, the transfer and selling of cars, buying simcard/phone for new staff, requesting of invoices, etc.
  • Assisting with arranging facilities in the CG office, e.g. installing or adjusting of office furniture and apparatus;
  • Assisting with arranging facilities at the residence for events, such as installation of the sound system;
  • Facilitates the Operational Management Section on request if necessary.

Description of result areas:

  • Timely and safe transport of Head of Mission, colleagues and missions visiting Ho Chi Minh city;
  • Well maintained and clean vehicle;
  • Timely distribution of goods and mail;
  • Timely settlement of administrative tasks, e.g. in order to have driving licenses renewed on time;
  • Should have a smooth and agreeable driving style;
  • Respect Vietnamese laws as well as CG regulations.


  • Ability to work with others
  • Client orientation
  • Integrity
  • Ability to plan and organise
  • Flexibility, also to work outside of working hours
  • Communicative skills
  • Taking initiative and being proactive

Job requirements

Knowledge and areas of experience:

  • Level of Education: Completed high school
  • Driving license
  • Level of Experience: At least 2 years of work experience
  • Knowledge of the English language
  • Practical knowledge of car mechanics and topography (in Ho Chi Minh city and surrounding area);
  • Good social skills
  • Good sense of responsibility
  • Skill in reading maps
  • Skill in dealing courteously with passengers
  • First-aid skills

Working environment and contacts

About the Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City

The Consulate General is headed by the Consul General. The team comprises of 2 expat staff and 10 locally employed Vietnamese staff and once a year a trainee. There is a policy section and a consular/general affairs section (headed by the Operational Manager). The driver will be a member of the General Affairs section of the Consulate General. The Operational Manager is the line manager of the driver. The office of the Consulate General is located in Saigon Tower on Le Duan Boulevard in D1.

Working environment

The employee will be based at the Netherlands Consulate General in HCMC under the guidance of the Operational Manager. The employee will work closely with the Consul General, and colleagues of the Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Consulate General consists of an policy section, with a focus on sustainable economic development, international order, human rights and social progress, and a General Affairs and Consular section.  The Consular Section provides consular services for Dutch nationals in Vietnam and for Vietnamese wishing to travel to the Netherlands.


  • With the Head of mission and colleagues at the CG;
  • With passengers, including high-level visitors, to enquire about their specific wishes and to inform them of any irregularities that occur;
  • With relevant stakeholders, e.g. traffic police, traffic department (to renew licenses), customs.

Salary bracket

Monthly based on 40 hour workweek in USD gross between 740,- and 1,109,-

Contact and details

Apply by sending a CV and application letter before 20 March to to the attention of Eline van der Veen, deputy Consul General.

Starting date: April (to be confirmed)