A Note from Robin van Boxtel

Dear readers,

As the world continues to grapple with the impacts of climate change, the Netherlands and Indonesia  are working together to find solutions to the challenges posed by a changing environment. Our countries have a long history of cooperation on issues related to sustainability and climate adaptation, and this partnership has only grown stronger in recent years.

At the G20 in Bali last year, our countries signed an agreement to cooperate more closely on the energy transition to combat climate change. The Netherlands and Indonesia will further enhance the sharing of knowledge and help Indonesia to develop renewable energy in areas where Dutch expertise and Indonesian demand come together – such as offshore wind and solar energy. Moreover, the Netherlands will organize an Energy Transition Trade & Knowledge Mission in the fall of this year to connect relevant public, private and knowledge sector players.

Another pillar in our climate-related cooperation is water management. Indonesia and the Netherlands have a shared history of dealing with water-related issues such as coastal erosion, floods and rising sea levels. Established and new Dutch public financing vehicles are playing an important role in Indonesia's efforts to tackle water-related challenges and expedite the country’s transition to clean energy. For instance, Invest International just announced that it will finance a major project that will help the city of Semarang to become more resilient against the floods, which already made parts of the city uninhabitable.  

Collaboration between our countries is crucial to reduce carbon emissions, protect ecosystems, and promote renewable energy. Only together we can implement the policies and initiatives that will ensure a better future for both nations and the world.

Best regards,

Robin van Boxtel
First Secretary Climate Affairs, Energy & Water Management