Call For Concept Notes on Strengthening Food Systems and FNS in Beira Corridor, Mozambique

The Embassy of The Netherlands, Maputo

Duration: 4 years

Budget: € 30 mln

Deadline: Wednesday, 15 February 2023

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (MoFA) via the Embassy of the Netherlands in Maputo (called “the Embassy” henceforth), intends to fund a 4-year food and nutrition security program in Mozambique targeting the development of smallholder farmers, small commercial farmers  and other agricultural-related SMEs in Beira Corridor in Manica and Sofala provinces.

The Embassy, therefore, invites consortia of organizations interested in implementing such a program to submit concept notes. The Embassy will evaluate and compare the concept notes against the criteria set forth. Concept notes that do not meet the criteria set to a satisfactory level will be rejected and will not be considered further.

The submission of a concept note is the first stage of a two-stage application process. Funding will not be provided based on a concept note. At the second stage, a maximum of two lead partners of a consortium whose applications rank highest will be invited to submit a full proposal. These two applicants who successfully passed the concept note threshold will be provided with substantive criteria and outlines of the full proposal. The proposal that meets the criteria and outlines best may qualify to be selected.

The total funding available under this call for concept notes is € 30,000,000. The contract can be renewed for a second phase of another 4 years, depending, among others, on the performance of the implementing consortium, to be confirmed by an independent mid-term evaluation at the end of year 3 of phase 1. The Embassy  will fund only one proposal or none, up to the maximum funding available.

Below in the PDF file are the context and main features of the envisaged program. Key criteria that will be used in the selection process are described at the end of this paper.

If interested, applicants must submit a concept note and annexes to the Netherlands Embassy in Maputo by using the following e-mail address, no later than Wednesday, 15 February 2023, by 23:59 CAT). Late submission after the deadline will not be considered.