Vacancy - Administrative and Consular Officer

The embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Hanoi is recruiting an administrative and consular officer (40 hours per week, Job level: 6)


The administrative and consular officer’s duties at the mission are in the field of administrative affairs and consular affairs (Job level: 6 with salary range from US$1,333 to US$ 2,000 per month). Admin affairs largely relate to office management, personnel matters and administering the cash box. Integrity, transparency and accountability are important.

Consular affairs consist of a service oriented consular assistance to Dutch and Vietnamese nationals, handling applications for passports, visas and legalizations. The officer’s consular duties also consist of performing back-office office tasks related to various consular services.

The officer is accountable to the Operational Manager/Consul for the accuracy and quality of information provided and the correct application and implementation of the applicable legislation, procedures and instructions. Following relevant legislation, instructions and guidelines are important for proper performance.

The officer works independently within generally formulated assignments and reaches the set targets and results based on own arrangements, preparations, personal conduct and use of own judgement. The officer is able to independently adapt one’s approach, execution and progress of work to changing priorities.

Closing date for the application is 15 December 2022. Please send your motivation letter and CV to the embassy:
ATTN:  Michel Matulewicz
             Head of operational management and consular affairs
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

1. Consular services (approx. 70%)

  • Front office tasks: handing visa and Dutch passport applications;
  • Giving consular assistance to Dutch nationals (mainly tourists);
  • Back office: handling visa stickers (short stay and long stay);
  • Handling the consular affairs e-mail inbox and phone;
  • Support in other consular/visa matters and replace the Senior Consular officer during her absence.

2. Admin support (approx. 30%)

  • Personnel matters, such as salary administration (payroll), medical insurance, social security. Leave and sickness registration;
  • Housing matters (expats) and overseeing the maintenance of the residence and chancellery; Liaise with the building management;
  • Giving IT support;
  • Handling the general affairs email inbox;
  • Pro-actively informing the management about changes in Vietnamese legislation;
  • Supporting in other financial and administrative matters when needed/or during the absence of the Senior Admin/Financial officer (e.g. translations).


  • The admin/consular affairs officer is accountable to the Operational Manager/Consul for the progress and quality of the work;
  • Legislation, rules and regulations on legal status and ministerial or other administrative regulations and guidelines in the admin and consular field are important for the officer’s work;


  • with management/line management for proposals dealing with problems suggesting possible solutions and providing advice and on the planning and completion of work;
  • with local authorities and other parties on (for example) helping to interpret relevant procedures and legislation.
  • with relevant Dutch authorities (including the Financial Department, the Consular Affairs and Visa Policy Department, the Immigration and Naturalization Service/ministry of Security and Justice and Dutch border police)
  • with third parties (MOFA) or private individuals to coordinate work and solve problems in performing consular and admin duties with a correct balance of responsibilities;


  • knowledge of applicable Dutch and Vietnamese legislation, internal administrative procedures, work instructions, as well as the organization’s duties, structure and way of working (learn on the job);
  • knowledge of general principles of policy concerning migration and consular affairs (learn on the job);
  • skills in creating and keeping digital files in an organized and orderly way;
  • knowledge of the relevant hardware and specific software;
  • skills in solving small technical and other problems;
  • skills in drawing up and monitoring schedules, rosters, etc.;


  • Initiative: takes the initiative rather than waiting to be asked, looks for opportunities and possibilities. Comes up with own ideas and solutions.
  • Focus on results: formulates concrete goals, translates goals into concrete actions, gives priority to achieving desired results and delivers agreed results at the agreed time.
  • Responds proactively to the support needs of colleagues within the regulatory framework and responsibilities, ensuring a good basic level of services.
  • Ability to plan and organize sets targets and priorities based on the result tasks list.
  • Ability to work with others: consults, informs and shares information with others, assists colleagues to achieve results beyond your direct scope of work for better efficiency of the team. Open minded and social;
  • Commitment to quality: works accurately, timely and correct in order to provide the customers, and CSO/FSO (back-office in the Netherlands) with high quality output.
  • Integrity: maintains high legal, social and ethical standard of work, shows awareness of the sensitivity and responsibility in her/his work; acts in accordance with the Ministry’s interests.
  • Flexibility: has the ability to adapt his/her approach, understands that different situations demand different solutions.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Some relevant experience and knowledge are required (such as facility or office management/legal affairs/information technology).
  • Fluent in English and Vietnamese.
  • Advanced with MS office, IT skills
  • Understanding of the Dutch language is an advantage.

The administrative and consular affairs team consists of two senior administrative / consular officers, an administrative/consular officer (this vacancy), a driver and a facility officer and works closely together with the management assistant. The operational manager leads the admin/consular team. The embassy works closely together with the Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City and the centralized back office in The Hague.

The embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is located in Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi. The embassy has 12 locally employed staff and 7 expat staff.

The admin and consular officer is an open minded, responsive team player, flexible, integer and quality driven. He or she likes to work well organized and independently. The officer should have an open mind to different cultures and be open for diversity, equity and inclusion.