Doing business in America: the Mobility Playbook

Dutch entrepreneurs in the mobility sector who wish to spread their wings to the American West Coast now have a handy tool: the West Coast Mobility Playbook, an online guide with tips and tricks from successful Dutch entrepreneurs on the American West Coast.

Their experiences and expertise prove invaluable to entrepreneurs looking to expand into a region where mobility and infrastructure are going through major changes.

The magazine was presented on the first day of the Urban Mobility trade mission to California in the presence of Vivianne Heijnen, Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management.

More than 40 companies are participating in the trade mission, which puts them in contact with potential partners in San Francisco and Los Angeles to talk about the latest developments in the field of green mobility. The magazine shows that opportunities abound on the American West Coast.

Vivianne Heijnen: “Like the Netherlands, California is ambitious in achieving its climate goals. Dutch entrepreneurs are known for their smart solutions for sustainable transport. This Mobility Playbook helps Dutch entrepreneurs expand internationally and bring their innovations to the American market. And hopefully in a few years, we will also see in America public transport or bicycle paths designed in the Netherlands.”

Dirk Janssen, the Dutch Consul General in San Francisco, said America has not fully adopted bicycles and electric transportation, but that is changing. The United States is known for highways and large cars, but for several years now, alternatives have arisen. Cities on the West Coast are investing in public transport, partial transport, bicycle routes, charging stations, and new infrastructure. This offers opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs, who are known worldwide for their smart solutions for mobility. This playbook gives companies actionable insights and tips on how entrepreneurs can take their first steps in the American mobility sector.

Chris Bruntlett of the Dutch Cycling Embassy has been doing business with the US for years and is one of the interviewees in the playbook. “You need to realize how far ahead the Netherlands is and develop strategic ways to bridge that 50-year gap. I think that the United States has shown that it can move quickly and allocate its budgets ambitiously and boldly and create some excellent infrastructure. Co-creation between all parties involved, both public and private, is critical. The pandemic has shown the US is willing to experiment, something the Netherlands is not used to doing as much.”

Download the playbook.

For more information: Sietze Vermeulen, Spokesperson Consulate General in San Francisco: +1 415-866-5572