Just Talk(s) – A conversation on Human Rights, Equality, and Diversity

The United Kingdom (UK) and the Netherlands are close partners in leading developments that contribute to a safer, fairer, and more inclusive world. We continuously strive to improve the world we live in, both at home and beyond our own nation's borders. At the foundation of this are our shared beliefs in human rights, equality, and diversity.

In the Netherlands we have a tradition of ‘polderen’ – the search for consensus in (political) decision-making. It gets its name from the Dutch world ‘polder’, referencing tracts of low-lying land, reclaimed from the sea or a river and protected by dykes. How does reclaimed land link to a search for consensus? Collaboration between different parties is vital ensuring that the reclaimed lands remains protected from the water. ‘Polderen’ is all about cooperation despite differences, and looking for compromise, wherein all stakeholders are given the floor to share their perspectives. We intend to bring this practice to cities across the UK.

In the coming months, the embassy of the Netherlands to the UK is launching the Just Talk(s) - a series of events where the values of human rights, equality, and diversity are discussed by a wide range of interesting speakers from both the Netherlands, the UK and beyond.  

The goal of these events? Finding partnerships, learning from each other, and together discussing the next steps to achieve a world where diversity is celebrated and human rights are a given for everyone.

Just Talk(s) Belfast – International perspectives on trans rights and policy

We are very happy to have our first ‘Talk(s)’ in the city of Belfast during Pride Week on 27 July! During this first event we will discuss the international perspectives on trans rights and policy, with speakers from Northern-Ireland, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Are you interested in participating?