Clean hydrogen and its potential for Indo-Dutch collaboration

With hydrogen emerging as a significant alternative to decarbonize multiple hard-to-abate sectors, on 8 July the Embassy, the Netherlands Innovation Network and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) jointly brought out a white paper on Indo-Dutch hydrogen collaboration titled ‘Towards a Clean Hydrogen Ecosystem: Opportunities for Indo–Dutch cooperation’.

Emphasising the need for collaborations, HE Marten van den Berg, Ambassador of the Netherlands to India, said during the launch of the report, “Clean hydrogen is key to our sustainable energy ambitions. It presents us with an exciting field that has a bright future. However, there are still research questions to answer, business models that have to prove themselves, and technologies that have to be scaled. Let’s do this together.”

Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director General, TERI highlighted the need for international and technological cooperation in promoting clean hydrogen economy in India. “Climate change threats are real. Decarbonisation of economy through the renewables and green hydrogen route is the need of the hour. International collaboration and cooperation are essential to accelerate our efforts to tackle climate change. TERI is proud to be part of this initiative by the royal government of the Netherlands to bring Dutch technologies and expertise in green hydrogen to India,” said Dr Dhawan.

Launching the report, Dr SSV Ramakumar, Director (R&D) and Board Member, Indian Oil Corporation, highlighted the “great traction for hydrogen as a renewable and green fuel”. “India is in an advantageous position to usher in a hydrogen economy. It is a great demand centre and an energy hungry country. Our energy appetite has to be channelized in a direction that is green,” noted Dr Ramakumar.

A large Indian hydrogen sector is emerging as India currently consumes about 6 MT of hydrogen annually, which is projected to grow to 28 MT per year by 2050. The Netherlands is becoming a regional hydrogen hub in Europe with over 150 hydrogen organisations and a range of expertise in diverse areas of the hydrogen value chain. Both countries are increasingly looking to establish bilateral research, trade and innovation partnership on clean hydrogen.

The white paper provides an overview of the current and future scenario of generation, supply, storage, handling and demand for hydrogen in India. The report also focuses on identifying opportunities for Indo-Dutch collaborative work and research and development in areas of electrolyser manufacturing, materials for hydrogen storage devices, and development of subsystems. With India and the Netherlands sharing strong bilateral relations, as well as industrial cooperation, both parties are looking to leverage the partnership to build enduring ties in the era of hydrogen economy.

Report: Towards a Clean Hydrogen Ecosystem: Opportunities for Indo–Dutch cooperation