Vacancy Announcement: Personal Assistant / Senior Secretary

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Nur-Sultan is looking for a Personal Assistant / Senior Secretary. This assignment will be available for a period of 12 months (maternity leave replacement). 

Job profile                                             Date:  24 January 2022


Job title                                                 : Personal Assistant / Senior Secretary

Unit/mission                                       : Nur-Sultan

Job level                                                : scale 6

Number of hours                               : 40

Salary                                                      :  min. 522.316 max 783.475 KZT gross/month

Contract Period                                  : 12 months

Starting Date                                       : 15 March 2022

Closing Date for applications       : 8 February 2022


The Personal Assistant / Senior Secretary (hereinafter PA) is primarily responsible for:

  1. Secretarial activities / working with & for Head of Mission (HoM) and Deputy Head of Mission (DHoM);
  2. Administrative / organizational activities;
  3. Overflight arrangements;
  4. Translation English / Russian / Kazakh;
  5. Consular activities.


1. Secretarial activities / working with & for HoM and DHoM:

Work tasks include:

  • Proper handling of agendas and other requests;
  • Effectively managing general Embassy inbox;
  • Proper handling of CAR-preparations and procedures (Compensation for Active Representation; in Dutch: VAR)
  • Travel documents preparation for the Management;
  • Accreditation of new Embassy diplomats, also in other parts of our resort; also for the Honorary Consuls in the resort of the Embassy;
  • Making appointments for HoM and DHoM, registering for conferences, webinars, receptions, online meetings etc.;
  • Managing the HoM’s and DHoM’s agenda.

2. Administrative / organizational activities.

Work tasks include:

  • Staff meeting preparation and minutes;
  • Organization of lunches and dinners for HoM and DHoM;
  • Being point of contact for CRM-system (Customer Relationship Management);
  • Coordination of Kings Day reception(s);
  • Arranging business trips for staff members of the Embassy;
  • Arranging other trips for HoM and DHoM (and possible dependent family members) that are paid by the MFA of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (NL MFA), such as annual leave and family reunification.

3.         Overflight arrangements.

  • To handle the overflight arrangements between the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan respectively in an efficient and effective way.

4.         Translation English / Russian / Kazakh.

  • First point of contact for providing high quality translations from one language into another. This especially regards Diplomatic Notes (NVs) and Letters, but could be other documents as well.

5.         Consular activities.

  • Suitable back up for consular activities during absence of the Consular Officer.



  • Personal Assistants of other Embassies and representations of international organisations;
  • Points of Contact within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan respectively, and within other relevant Ministries in these countries;
  • Relevant Points of Contact within NL MFA;
  • Contacts as listed in the Customer Relationship Management system of the Embassy;
  • Travel agencies, air companies and other external travel related contacts;
  • Contacts in the sphere of hospitality (hotels, restaurants, catering, etc);
  • Consular customers;
  • Possible other external contacts.



  • The PA is able to play a pivotal role with regard to secretarial, logistical and administrative support of the management and to the general operations of the Embassy.
  • The PA should possess the following well developed competences:
    - Ability to work accurately;
    - Flexibility;
    - Ability to plan and organize;
    - Ability to work with others;
    - Client oriented;
    - Integrity;
    - Organizational sensitivity.
  • Adequate level of education, such as secondary vocational level (in Dutch: MBO).
  • Fluent in spoken and written Kazakh, Russian and English.
  • Skilled in maintaining good work relationships.
  • Adequate computer skills (Word, Excel, Outlook, a.o.)
  • Relevant work experience.



  • The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kazakhstan is located in Nur-Sultan. Next to Kazakhstan, also Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan belong to the resort of the Embassy.
  • The Embassy team consists currently of three expatriate staff members and eleven locally recruited employees.
  • The small size of the office brings a wide variety of activities, which require a high degree of flexibility but also provides an interesting challenge; colleagues may regularly need to back-up each other.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague, and the Embassy in Nur-Sultan is actively promoting diversity and inclusiveness. These aims are being taken into account in our selection procedure.



Questions with regard to the vacancy can be send by e-mail to 

During office hours, the Embassy can be reached at +7 7172 555455.