The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Brazil announces that applications for the 2022 Human Rights Fund are now open

The promotion and protection of human rights worldwide is a priority in the foreign policy of the Netherlands. With this in mind, the Human Rights Fund of the Kingdom of the Netherlands was established to provide grants to organizations that work to promote human rights under the scope of the priorities set out by the government of the Netherlands.

For 2022, these priorities in Brazil consist of:

  • Freedom of expression and of the press
  • Freedom of religion and belief
  • Support for Human rights defenders and space for civil society
  • Equal rights for LGBTI persons
  • Equal rights for women and girls
  • Promotion of the international legal order / Rule of Law

The Fund is available for organizations which are legal entities governed by private law (including Individual Micro-entrepreneurs and Micro and Small Businesses) with a valid CNPJ (if operating in Brazil) or an international organization, and which have been established at least 3 years ago.

The project must necessarily fall under at least one of the six priorities of the Human Rights Fund listed above and must be entirely executed in Brazil;

The project must start after 01 April, 2022 and no later than 20 December, 2022.

The Embassy may fund projects with a minimum duration of 12 months and a maximum duration of 36 months.

The maximum financial contribution for a long-term project (over 18 months) is BRL 395,000.00 (three hundred and ninety-five thousand real), provided they are projects from experienced organizations or based on similar successful initiatives already in place.

The Human Rights Fund cannot finance the acquisition of material goods that can later be incorporated into the assets of the requesting institution, such as vehicles, computer and electronic material, agricultural equipment, industrial materials, etc. It is also forbidden to use the Fund’s resources to pay for the institution's operating costs (such as electricity, water, etc.) and to pay the fee/per diem for participants invited to the project. Salary payments are allowed for employees directly involved in the project. Due to the high variation in airline ticket prices, financing this type of cost through the Fund, although allowed, is not recommended.

How to Apply

Interested candidates must submit the completed Form below by January 30, 2022. Proposals submitted after this date will not be analyzed.


The form should be sent electronically (in a .doc or editable .pdf file) to the e-mail address of the Department of Politics, Public Diplomacy and Culture: