Round Table Discussion Sweden: The State of Privacy and Data Protection

For Dutch and Swedish stakeholders in the cybersecurity market, Security Delta, InnovationQuarter, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Embassy in Stockholm are organizing a digital round table discussion on December 7th from 14:00 – 15:30.

For who?

In this round table, we would like to both kick-start a collaboration on cybersecurity between the two countries, as well as zoom in on the topic of security and privacy awareness in the public sector. This round table will thereby:

  1. Provide Dutch and Swedish cybersecurity parties with a mutual idea of the state of awareness on cybersecurity in the respective markets, specifically on the topics of data and privacy;
  2. Get Dutch companies acquainted with key organisations in the Swedish cybersecurity sector, including governmental organisations;
  3. Give Dutch cybersecurity companies the possibility to speak to these organisations;
  4. Provide insight into specific bottlenecks in GDPR legislation and compare how, amongst others, municipalities and authorities are using their budgets to improve compliance, security and awareness within their organisations.

We will discuss topics such as differences in GDPR practices, compliance success stories, but also highlight common challenges and thereby opportunities for the Dutch and Swedish cybersecurity sectors to collaborate.


Do you want to join? 
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Organising parties & panelists

The event is an initiative of Security Delta, InnovationQuarter and the Netherlands Embassy in Stockholm - with support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Our panel of experts will consist of representatives from both Sweden and the Netherlands, including:
Cyber Inc
Cirio Law Firm
Dutch Data Protection Authority
Magnus Josephson
Public Insight
Radar Ecosystem Specialists
The Hague Municipality