Overview of Links to Travel- and Vaccination Information

On this page you can find an overview of links to pages that might be useful when you plan to travel to the Netherlands from Brunei, or from the Netherlands to Brunei.

Links to information about vaccinations and DigiD are also included.

Disclaimer: this list is not exhaustive, and subject to change. We urge you to regularly check for updates via the mentioned links. 

Current situation in Brunei Darussalam

Local health authorities have introduced restrictive measures both for entering and leaving the country. Short-term visitors are not allowed to enter and transit through the country. 

The government on Monday 25 October announced a three-phase COVID-19 pandemic exit plan that will finally see Brunei loosen its 18-month travel restrictions when 70 percent of the population is fully vaccinated [link]

Travelling to the Netherlands

EU entry ban for (very) high-risk areas outside the EU/Schengen area

A European entry ban is in effect for some people, barring them from travelling from a high-risk area to the European Union or the Schengen area. You may only enter the Netherlands if the purpose of your trip falls under one of the exemption categories. People travelling from a high risk area who have been fully vaccinated can be exempted from the EU entry ban.

Mandatory negative COVID-19 test result 

Travellers from outside the EU do not have to show a negative test result if they have proof of vaccination. If you can't show proof of vaccination, you must be able to show a negative COVID-19 test result. This applies to everyone aged 12 or over. The type of mandatory negative test result you need depends on the mode of transport you use. 

Use the checklist for (return) trips to the Netherlands for your preparation.

Upon arrival in the Netherlands, there is currently no need to quarantine

Regular visa requirements and border procedures do apply. Consult with your airline before you travel, as they may have implemented additional/new requirements for your flight.

For more information about travelling to the Netherlands from Brunei, click here.

Always check the website of the region and/or city you are travelling to.

Recommended links:

Departure & Entry regulations for Brunei:

For the latest updates on the measures adopted by Brunei authorities, please visit:

There is also a Telegram Channel and a dedicated telephone Health Advice Line 148 (HAL 148) (operating 24 hours a day) providing updates on the situation in Brunei.

To obtain information what is required from the country you are travelling to, look up your country specific information here:

Traveling within the EU countries: What are the rules if I go abroad from this country, and when I return from abroad?

Re-open EU (europa.eu)

Some countries require different Pre-Departure Tests:

Approved clinics for PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) tests & Approved clinics for ART (Antigen Rapid Test) tests

Transiting and Transferring

Transiting through Singapore:

Transiting Through Singapore (ica.gov.sg)

Transit through Singapore | Singapore Airlines 

Note that a mandatory negative PCR test result is required for travellers aged 2 years and above to transit through Singapore. 

Test validity when transiting/transferring on another airport

When travelling to the Netherlands and transiting/transferring through a different airport, your negative (PCR) test result will stay valid, also when the transit time is longer than 24 hours. Note that this only applies when you do not leave the airport, and do not pass customs to enter the transit/transfer country.

https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/coronavirus-covid-19/nederland-inreizen/testbewijs-voor-inreizen-nederland/verplichte-gegevens [in Dutch]

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Which document should I use to prove my vaccinated status when entering the Netherlands? 

How can I have my Brunei vaccinations registered in the Netherlands?

If you have been fully vaccinated in a country outside the EU, you can have your vaccination registered in the Netherlands if at least one of the following applies to you:

  • you are a Dutch national;
  • you live in the Netherlands;

Follow the steps listed via: Getting proof of vaccination after being vaccinated outside the Netherlands ('I have been fully vaccinated in a country outside the EU')

That way, you can obtain a COVID Certificate that is valid in the Netherlands and throughout the European Union. You can then (after the appointment in Utrecht): upload this COVID Certificate in the CoronaCheck app or on CoronaCheck.nl.

For more information: 

Approved vaccines in the Netherlands

Approved vaccines

Visiting the Netherlands and attending an activity (for tourists / short term visitors)

Covid certificate for activities in the Netherlands (coronavirus entry pass)

If you are visiting the Netherlands and would like to attend an activity, you can use your EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) for this purpose. For instance a DCC that is proof of vaccination or proof of recovery of COVID-19. If you don't have a DCC, you will need a negative test result to attend. 

For more info see this link:

When vaccinated in the Netherlands, how to get an overview which includes the dates of both vaccination shots:

Follow the steps on Mijn.Rivm.nl (note: this is not an official proof of vaccination), bring your yellow vaccination booklet.

DigiD (in Dutch)

Hoe vraag ik DigiD aan vanuit het buitenland?

U vraagt DigiD vanuit het buitenland aan via Digid.nl. Daarna haalt u een activeringscode op door te videobellen met 24/7 Nederland Wereldwijd of bij een DigiD-balie in Nederland of in het buitenland. Met deze code activeert u uw DigiD.

Registratie Niet-ingezetenen (RNI) (in Dutch)

Registratie Niet-ingezetenen (RNI): (in Dutch)

De Rijksdienst voor Identiteitsgegevens (RvIG) beheert de persoonsgegevens van niet-ingezetenen in de RNI. Inschrijven in de RNI of het wijzigen van persoonsgegevens kan bij een RNI-loket of via Aangewezen bestuursorgaan.