Press Release: Dutch frigate EVERTSEN’s visit to Singapore

After a journey of several months, the Dutch frigate HNLMS EVERTSEN arrived in Singapore on October 10, as part of the UK Carrier Strike Group.

This marks the first deployment of a Royal Dutch Navy vessel to the region under the Indo-Pacific Guidelines, which was announced by the Netherlands in late 2020. As part of these Guidelines, the Netherlands will actively seek to deepen ties with Indo-Pacific partners, such as Singapore.

Against increasing global uncertainty, it is important to uphold the international rules-based order through multilateralism based on shared values, such as: freedom of navigation, democracy, and human rights. The participation of the HNLMS Evertsen to the Carrier Strike Group 21 deployment is a tangible example of the Netherlands willingness to contribute to multilateral endeavors that seek to realize this goal.

Dutch Frigate EVERTSEN will stay docked at Changi Naval Base until Tuesday, October 12, before continuing its journey.

Dutch Frigate EVERTSEN
Dutch Frigate EVERTSEN


On Sunday, October 10, Dutch frigate Evertsen arrived at Changi Naval Base as part of the UK Carrier Strike Group. Before arriving in Singapore, the frigate visited Japan (Yokosuka) and South Korea (Busan).

The presence of the Dutch frigate Evertsen is a physical symbol of the Netherlands’ commitment to freedom of navigation and the Law of the Sea as a key determinant of trade, stability and shared interests in the  Indo-Pacific region.

The Netherlands and Singapore have a trading connection that dates back to the 17th century.

This trading connection has matured into a mutually constructive relationship and the Netherlands and Singapore are now two proud nations with strong economic and political ties.

Singapore and the Netherlands have a lot in common in the modern world: we are both small countries in a geographical sense, yet technologically advanced, economically strong, innovative, and very much rely for wealth on a stable world. Both countries continuously seek enhanced cooperation, in particular with nations that share the ideal of inclusive multilateralism.

Integration between the Netherlands, the EU and Singapore has taken significant steps forward in recent years with the European Union-Singapore Free Trade Agreement. As the world’s centre of gravity has shifted to the Indo-Pacific, both nations wish to see an Indo-Pacific region that is inclusive, open, secure and stable. This growth is made possible by an international system of norms and rules, which the Netherlands is committed to upholding.

For this reason, it is important that the Netherlands and Singapore keep strengthening their economic and political ties.

Dutch frigate Evertsen will depart on Tuesday, October 12, and continue its journey.