What's on in Vancouver in October?

Now Canada re-opened its borders for non-essential international travel for fully vaccinated travelers, we are happy to see an increase in Dutch companies visiting the country. Over the last month, we organized our first in-person gatherings since a long time, and we are excited to continue doing so in October!

Below you can find an overview of upcoming events and initiatives for October (subject to change).

Webinar Plant Proteins in Canada

As follow up on our study on large investments in the plant protein sector in the Canadian prairie provinces, we will host a webinar for Dutch companies in the sector. An introduction program will be set up for selected companies willing to take the next step to visit Canada.

Achter de schermen bij webinar in Vancouver

Visit of Oost NL and NFIA

Building upon virtual events organized over the past year, the team manager Food & Health at Oost NL, together with a representative from the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) will bring a visit to the Vancouver region to visit several startup scale-up companies that are looking to expand to the Netherlands.

Dutch participation at the 10th Interface Health Summit

Canada’s 10th annual international digital health summit will focus on presentations and discussions about the future of health through technology, innovations and social impact. Details about Dutch participation are still to be confirmed.

Sea2City Vancouver Design Challenge

Two Canadian-Dutch teams have been selected to participate in the Sea2City Vancouver Design Challenge. We hope these international partnerships will lead to successful coastal adaptation approaches for sea level rise and increase public awareness of climate change and sea level rise.

Sea2City Design Challenge

Contact us

If you want to know more about our activities or events, or want to join us in these events, please contact us: van-ez@minbuza.nl.