Together for the SDGs – in Jordan

On the occasion of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Action Day, celebrated annually on 25 September, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands invited three young entrepreneurs, Aya, Ahmad and Ehab, to take part in the SDG flag hoisting ceremony. Held at the embassy’s premises, the event provided a chance for Ambassador Harry Verweij, who recently arrived to Jordan, to sit down with the three young guests and learn about their businesses, what helps them thrive and what challenges they face while growing their businesses.

Image: ©Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

The three young entrepreneurs have taken part in projects that aim to support young entrepreneurs (Jordanians and refugees) and small businesses financed by the Dutch Foreign Ministry.

Aya Bataineh is the Founder and CEO of Sameim (formerly Spacelous) - a shop for handmade pottery and home decoration. Aya hires deaf and mute workers and supports them to make a living while expressing themselves creatively through pottery. Ahmad Khraisat, from Balqa, is a pharmacy graduate and Managing director of PharmaPhile. Ahmad’s business is an online platform for pharmacy students that provides them with better access to pharmacies all over Jordan and offers them training, internship opportunities, and recruitment services.

After a personal encounter with his deaf neighbour, Ehab Kahwati, a Syrian who resides in Ajloun, started a mobile platform that provides affordable and interactive education for children with hearing disabilities. He is now co-Founder of MarthaEdu.

Image: ©Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jordan

SDG Flag Day provides an opportunity for the Netherlands to showcase the central role that youth play in their societies and in achieving the SDGs by 2030. The Netherlands also spearheads the Youth at Heart Strategy which emphasises the importance of youth being engaged in important decisions, and the importance of mitigating the gap between the demand and supply of skills in the labour market. Given its strategic importance to the Netherlands. Jordan is a focus country for implementation of the Youth at Heart strategy.