Local action on a global scale for World Cleanup Day 2021!

In light of  World Cleanup Day 2021, Dutch embassies, consulates and other representatives across the globe and in the Netherlands are organising local litter and plastic rubbish cleanup activities. Our Embassy in London will be joining in on the action!

Image: ©Dutch Embassy to the UK / Dutch Embassy to the UK

Embassy cleanup event in London

In collaboration with Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, Embassy colleagues will get together to collect (plastic) litter along the banks of the river Thames in London. On Friday, 17th September, we’ll head to the river equipped with gloves and rubbish collection bags, and with fingers crossed for dry weather! It will be the second cleanup event the Embassy has organized, after our 2020 North Sea Neighbours Cleanup Day in 2020 (see: Facebook and Twitter) in collaboration with Thames21.

Image: ©NLBranding / NLBranding

The more, the merrier: every action makes a difference.

Everyone (companies, citizens, and communities) can take part in World Cleanup Day – in any way you like, at any time. Making a difference can take as little as 2 minutes. All you need to start is a good pair of gardening gloves, and a bin bag. So, ask your friends, family, even colleagues, and get collecting! Make sure to dispose of the collected (plastic) litter properly.

Get involved! Share photos and videos of your cleanup on Twitter, and we will repost!

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World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day (18 September) is the biggest worldwide clean-up activity of the year, engaging people in more than 180 countries to tackle the global waste crisis. The goal is to clean up as much (plastic) litter as possible and raise awareness of the impacts of plastic pollution; a significant amount of waste and litter, especially plastics, ends up in rivers and flows out into our oceans polluting ecosystems and food chains, and harming wildlife.  (Plastic) litter pollution also increases the risk of flooding in urban areas, by accumulating and blocking necessary drainage systems.

As advocates for clean water and water management, the Netherlands is committed to working together to create a water-secure and sustainable world, of which healthy rivers and oceans are a vital component. Read more about the Netherlands expertise and ambitions to address global challenges around water management together here.

The Embassy cleanup activity in London is one of hundreds of initiatives around the world as part of World Cleanup day. It is also one of a wave of special NL Waterway Cleanups across different cities and time zones: for more information and a glimpse of the global impact we can create together visit: river-cleanup.org/netherlands.

Image: ©NLBranding / NLBranding