The Netherlands and Indonesia Partner Up: 10 Top Talents Announced For New Co-Financed Scholarship in Water Management

The Netherlands and Indonesia will provide 50-50% co-financing to enable 10 students in the field of water management for the academic year 2021-2022. A promising achievement, as the Netherlands is the first nation to set-up such an equally co-financed scholarship system with Indonesia.

Ambassador Grijns celebrated the announcement with top officials Pak Andin Hadiyanto and Pak Dwi Larso (LPDP), Peter van Tuijl (Nuffic Neso) and Director General Kemendikbud Pak Nizam (Higher Education). Ambassador Grijns: ‘This is another milestone in our close cooperation on education and science, it shows that education remains a top priority for both our countries’. DG Nizam wished all students success in their study endeavours, and reminded the students ‘to continue to build on the positive cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlands and not forget to promote Indonesian culture and food.’

The lucky ten were very enthusiastic to start their studies in the Netherlands, and introduced themselves via brief introduction videos (see picture). The Netherlands StuNed program supports young Indonesian talent to study in the Netherlands since 2000. Since then, more than 4,500 students have studied in the Netherlands within the Dutch scholarship framework system.