Strengthening Civil Society: Overwhelming Response to NL Call For Proposals

©Dutch Embassy Indonesia

How to strengthen human rights in a lasting and sustainable manner? Together with the Indonesian government, we strive to build a strong and capable civil society, with knowledgeable local NGOs. Such a civil society can amplify worries and creative solutions from the Indonesian people in an effective way. For decades, the Embassy has had a great network of civil society organizations, but it is always looking for new ideas and talent from all over the archipelago.

In the spring, the embassy has launched a Call For Proposals to connect to new partners working in the field of Climate, Freedom of Press and Freedom of Religion & Belief. The response to this very first call was overwhelming, with close to 200 proposals being sent in.

At this moment, no more projects can be sent in, as we are already in the second round of the selection process. The best selected projects for cooperation will be announced in September, so stay tuned!