The Netherlands and the Philippines conclude their 2nd Bilateral Consultations

Celebrating strong ties and commemorating 70 years of diplomatic relations, the Netherlands and the Philippines engaged in a fruitful dialogue during the 2nd Bilateral Consultations held on 29 June 2021.

Participants of the 2nd Bilateral Consultations between the Netherlands and the Philippines
Image: Netherlands Embassy in the Philippines
The participants of the 2nd Bilateral Consultations.

The delegation of the Netherlands was led by the Director for Asia and Oceania at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Karin Mössenlechner, joined by Mr. Max Valstar, head of the South and Southeast Asia and Oceania Division, Ms. Pauline van der Aa, and Ms. Hanna Pors from the MFA. Also joining from Manila: Ambassador Saskia de Lang, of the Netherlands in the Philippines, Mr. Peter Trimp, Head of Consular Affairs, and Ms. Jaymie Reyes, Senior Policy Officer for Political and Human Rights.

Due to the ongoing travel restrictions brought about by the pandemic, this year's meeting was held online.

Despite this, the virtual dialogue allowed both parties to discuss important political and economic developments and explore avenues to strengthen political, economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

The Netherlands thanks the Philippines for hosting the Dialogue. The Philippines remains a valued partner of the Netherlands, and the meeting reinforced the commitment of both sides to continue building its strong relationship now and beyond.

Find the full Joint Statement of the Philippines and the Netherlands on the 2nd Bilateral Consultations, 29 June 2021 below.