Virtual Dance Performance by Scapino Ballet

On Sunday the 11 of July at 20.00 Jakarta Time (WIB) the Scapino Ballet will stream an online dance performance in Indonesia called ‘The Great Bean’. You can watch this via Erasmus huis Youtube. We are very proud to have such a talented group performing for our audience.

Scapino Ballet
Scapino Ballet Rotterdam is one of the largest dance companies in the Netherlands with some of the world’s best dancers and choreographers. But they see themselves not as what you would call ‘established’.

The productions created by Ed Wubbe are too daring, too innovative and perhaps too good at entertaining, for that. Scapino productions are made for everyone, even for people who’ve never seen a dance performance in their lives.

Ed Wubbe has created more than sixty ballets for Scapino. He received the Dutch dance award ‘Golden Swan’ (2017) for his significant contribution to Dutch dance and the Royal award ‘Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion’ (2017) for his contribution to the development of Dutch modern dance.

The Great Bean
The Great Bean is set in the 'roaring twenties', the decade that witnessed the birth of jazz and Hollywood when Broadway variety shows introduced new dance styles like the Charleston, and tap. It was an era of extravagant parties, new wealth, polished exteriors and veiled tragedy. The brand new entertainment industry plied audiences with all the dreams and illusions they desired to escape.

With professional circus artists, magic acts and dance is The Great Bean a unique crossover of dance and entertainment.

Watch it at the Erasmus Huis Youtube on Sunday 11 July 20.00!