Open call: Dutch art and design focused on climate change

Human activity is having an impact on the world’s environment, its climate and its biodiversity. Scientists tell us a disaster is looming, but the damage can still be limited if we take action quickly. Luckily, lots of bright minds are working on technological solutions and there is increased awareness that we can all play our role by changing our behaviour.

Many artists in the Netherlands take inspiration from these manmade crises, and many Dutch designers come up with solutions – small and big – that can help to reduce mankind’s impact on the planet. With Climate COP26 coming up in Glasgow, this might be a good time to show their work in the UK. Therefore, the Dutch Embassy in the United Kingdom now has funding available for cultural organisations in the UK that want to show work by Dutch artists and/or designers that focuses on issues like pollution, habitat destruction and climate change.

Climate change inspired art and design from the Netherlands
Some examples of climate change inspired art and design from the Netherlands: Green Tales of the City (documentary), Gwen Jansen; De Zaak Shell (play), Anoek Nuyens; Palm Trees at the North Pole (children's book), Marc ter Horst; What Design Can Do (organisation); How Are We Going To Explain This? (book), Jelmers Mommers; Our House Is On Fire (dance), Nicole Beutler

Application details

  • Cultural organisations in the UK that want to include work of professional artists or designers from the Netherlands in their programming can apply for funding by sending a detailed proposal and budget to
  • Organisations can request a contribution of up to GBP 6,000 from the Dutch Embassy.
  • Only professional organisations (legal entities) based in the UK can receive funding.
  • The deadline for proposals is Sunday 1 August 2021.
  • The activity for which funding is requested has to take place in the year 2021. The activity is yet to take place.
  • The artist(s)/designers(s) from the Netherlands must receive adequate fees, in line with, or better than, recognised codes of practice and guidelines set by the relevant lead bodies/trade unions.
  • Digital projects are also eligible for funding, as long as these are primarily aimed at audiences in the UK.
  • Please use this form to apply.
  • Please also submit your bank details, using this form.

(Cultural activities can be anything from talks at literature festivals to presentations of work at design fairs, or from staging a theatre show to including works in a visual art exhibitions. If you have questions about eligibility, please contact

Contact details for the cultural department at the Dutch Embassy in the UK

If you have any questions, please contact the cultural department at the Dutch Embassy in the UK on