Podcast episode: Flights PS752 and MH17

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Canada has launched a podcast, titled ‘Go Dutch, eh?’. In a special series of four episodes, each focusing on a different theme, inspiring speakers from both countries will tell you what they do to promote and protect human rights worldwide, and how the two countries work together on this.

At the core of any effort to establish accountability are three indispensable and interlinked rights: the right to truth, the right to justice, and the right to an effective remedy and reparation. In order to implement these rights, a comprehensive strategy is required that involves governments and civil society, and addresses gaps of knowledge, capacity and political commitment.

What are the Netherlands and Canada doing to promote transparency, accountability and justice?

In this episode, on transparency, accountability and justice related to the downing’s of flights PS752 and MH17, you will hear from:

Podcast Episode 4 Ralph Goodale and Ines Coppoolse

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