Improving farm animal welfare

Working to continue to improve farm animal welfare - both nationally and internationally – is just one of many areas of collaboration between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. 

Earlier this week, the Embassy partnered with the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) to connect stakeholders from both sides of the channel in the fields of farm animal welfare. The webinar explored best practices and priorities in farm animal welfare in the Netherlands and the UK and looked at the possibilities of cooperation in shaping animal welfare policy post-Brexit. During the webinar speakers discussed topics such as opportunities for higher welfare assurance schemes, welfare in the supply chain (i.e. transport of live animals and welfare at slaughter) and how farmers could be rewarded for higher animal welfare standards (public money for public goods).

One of the presentations also highlighted the Conference on Advancing Sustainable Animal Products (ASAP) that was organized by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality in December 2020. This conference was organised to stimulate cooperation between several Northwest European countries in order to enhance the sustainability (including animals welfare) of animal products on the international market.

We’d like to thank the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) and the expert speakers for working with us on this informative and inspiring webinar. The press release from the RAU about the webinar can be found here.

This webinar was the sixth of a series of events organised by the Embassy's agriculture team together with UK partner organisations. The series explores shared solutions to the economic, social and environmental challenges facing the agriculture sector in the UK and the Netherlands as North Sea Neighbours.

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Image: ©Dutch Embassy / Dutch Embassy