Denmark and the Netherlands: 500 years of groundbreaking partnership.

In 2021, The Netherlands and Denmark celebrate their 500 years of partnership. With events all through the year, they will demonstrate the way they have been, still are and will be moving forward together.

Logo 500 jaar
Image: ©BZ

A year of celebration

To mark these 500 years, Denmark and the Netherlands celebrate the strong and longstanding ties between the Kingdoms. The year 2021 will underline the Netherlands as an innovative and high-tech partner to Denmark in the Agrifood and Horticultural sectors, focusing on solving global challenges together.

Moving towards a circular agriculture.

Through the anniversary celebrations, the Netherlands emphasizes the importance of even closer cooperation between businesses, governments and knowledge institutions in our two countries. Close partnership is necessary to improve key processes, accelerate innovation and reduce climate impact at home and worldwide. Thus, reflecting the countries’ ambition to complete the transition to sustainable societies with circular agriculture by 2030.