Webinar Series & Hackathon on Digital Humanities

Digital humanities is a field of study that combines the discipline of humanities with digital technology. With the adoption of Internet of Things in all walks of life, the public needs to be able to access social information more easily and in a user-friendly manner.

This is where digital humanities plays a role: it translates social data into a format that is digitally available and easy to access. This way, information can be more readily accessed and disseminated for public use, including for the media.

The Dutch Embassy has collaborated  with the Association of Cyber Media in Indonesia (AMSI) to promote this relatively new field of study through a series of webinars. The webinars were followed by a Hackathon on Digital Humanities in which  more than 70 people participated. A series of workshops and coaching on Digital Humanities were offered to the participants to make them more acquainted with the concept of Digital Humanities. The recordings are available on Dutch Embassy channel on Youtube.

The hackathon participants, divided into 25 groups, have come up with fresh and innovative ideas to humanize and democratize data and information through the use of digital tools. These ideas will be exhibited until 7 January 2021 on this platform.

Five projects were selected as the winners of the hackathon, and rewarded a total sum of IDR 25 million to carry the project forward:

  1. Data Science to Reduce Human Trafficking
  2. Papua Human Rights Map
  3. Environmental Cost of Our Economy
  4. Hello Ambulance
  5. 24 Years Since the Murder of Udin