Join World Press Freedom Conference 2020

When I was 18, I chose to study International Relations. The reason was simple, I love learning about the world and our differences as well as similarities fascinates me.

World Press Freedom Conference 2020

Also, I thought it would open my way to travelling all around the world – what a wishful thinking right? But studying international relations did take me all around the world, which I mostly learn from the work of journalists who are at the forefront of political, social, economic issues – and at times even literally in a battle field. Even now, as a policy advisor at the embassy, I rely so much on the media to tell the truth of our world. There’s always two sides of the coin, and the work of journalism help shed both sides of every story. Often, there’s more than two sides, because our world is round and not flat like a coin. That’s why I think freedom of the press is so important in today’s society, and is a cornerstone of our democracy.

As such, I am proud to be a part of the World Press Freedom Conference that will be organized virtually on 9-10 December 2020 from The Hague, but with events all over the world. In Jakarta, we are co-organizing two side events that both look at the state of journalism today, and build on the future of data journalism. Register here.

The first event, a Regional Conference on the state of journalism in Southeast Asia, will feature six prominent journalists from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. They will share their perspectives and challenges in being a journalist in this day and age, but also their hopes for the future of journalism in their respective fields.

The second event is a hackathon on Digital Humanities, which brings together civil society,  students and academics, and the media together to build Digital Humanities tools that seeks to make data and information more accessible for the public, as well as the media and policy makers.

Being part of these initiatives and working with people who share the same vision is one of the aspects that I love so much about my job. There’s a sense of fulfillment to contribute in the field that I trust is not only important, but also necessary for our democracy. To me, press freedom is one of the most important human rights. Without press freedom, we will be sheltered from the truth and the story about the other side of the coin. Without the brave journalists that sacrifice their time and energy, not for financial gain but to build a world where information is available for everyone, we will not have freedom of information – which is another rights that press freedom is protecting for us.

Stand with us to protect #PressFreedom and join us in the conference, please register yourselves through this link.

What does #PressFreedom mean to you?

Dewi Barnas,

Senior Policy Advisor Political Affairs