Culture professionals to discuss future of Anglo-Dutch creative connections

Professionals working at cultural institutions, artists and designers are asked to think of creative ways to keep the cultural sectors in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom closely connected in the midst of a global pandemic and the end of free movement. In a virtual brainstorm session on 25 November, culture professionals on both sides of the North Sea will be challenged to search for a novel approach to international cultural collaboration. People working in the cultural sector in the UK who frequently work with artists and designers from the Netherlands are cordially invited to sign up. There are still a few places available for this session.

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Cherishing Creative Connections between North Sea Neighbours
©Frank Hanswijk
Cherishing Creative Connections

How to boost international cultural collaboration?

The session on 25 November is hosted by the Dutch Embassy in the United Kingdom, in collaboration with freelance cultural intendant Floor Cornelisse, who is also the moderator of the event. The central theme of all discussions is how creatives in the Netherlands and the UK can continue exchanging knowledge, ideas and practices in the future, despite changing circumstances.

By putting festival directors, curators, artists and designers together, all with a strong connection to both the Netherlands and the UK, the organisers hope good ideas will emerge to give international cultural cooperation a boost. Participants will also be asked what they can personally contribute to this international exchange, and what they might require to be able to facilitate that process.

Survey: how to adapt to changing circumstances?

In preparation of the session, a survey has been set up to get a better understanding of those joining the session and what they would like to get out of it. Preliminary results of that survey show that ‘Diversity & Inclusion’, ‘International collaboration’, ‘Mobility’ and ‘Digitalisation’ are considered the most pressing issues of this time. These topics – and what creatives need to do to adapt their practice because of them – will all be discussed on 25 November.

  • It is still possible to take the survey. Via this survey you can also register your interest for the event on 25 November, from 3pm to 5pm GMT.
  • It’s also possible to indicate your interest to participate the session by emailing stating your name, job title and the organisation you are working for. (Limited availability.)

The Embassy’s role in international cultural exchange

One of the tasks of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the UK is to facilitate collaborations between cultural organisations in the United Kingdom and artists and designers in the Netherlands. Providing audiences in the UK with the opportunity to experience art and design from the Netherlands is an important aspect of maintaining the excellent international relations between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Additionally, through international collaborations artists and designers from the Netherlands get to develop themselves further – creatively and professionally – which is to the benefit of the artists involved, as well as to the benefit of the cultural sector in the Netherlands as a whole.

Lastly, artists can sometimes help to increase awareness about global issues, such as those described in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Creatives actually work on all kinds of innovative solutions to some of the most pressing issuesthe world faces today. This shows that artists and designers can make a very tangible societal impact. Tackling global challenges requires international collaboration; the innovative arts and design communities, both in the Netherlands an United Kingdom, are playing their part in this.

Contact the Dutch Embassy in the UK

If you want to join the session on 25 November or if you would like to be in contact with the Dutch Embassy in the UK because you believe you can play a role in facilitating the Anglo-Dutch cultural exchange, please send us an email: