Ambassador Bea ten Tusscher unveiled a special graffiti mural in Sofia

On Friday, 30 October, Ambassador Bea ten Tusscher and the Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova unveiled the newest graffiti wall in the capital city of Bulgaria. The 200 sq.m. mural, named Serdika Tulip, depicts a beautiful girl, surrounded by tulips of the special variety Serdika. This variety has been selected in the Netherlands and presented as a gift to Bulgaria as a token of the friendship and partnership of the two countries. Namely, upon idea of the Dutch embassy the tulip has been named after Serdika - the ancient city above which the current Bulgarian capital city is located.

Serdika Tulip mural

Ambassador Ten Tusscher shared her enthusiasm of the opportunity to contribute to beautifying the urban environment in Sofia via project like Serdika Tulip. She explained that the young girl in the graffiti mural represents the so called “Erasmus” generation – the young people in whose hands lies the future of both Bulgaria and the Netherlands. The ambassador pointed out at also at the close proximity of the ancient archaeological complex Serdika to the contemporary urban artwork. She thanked the talented artists Arsek & Erase and the Sofia Graffiti Tour for the successful partnership.

Serdika Tulip

The Mayor Yordanka Fandakova thanked the Dutch embassy for the great cooperation within various joint initiatives, contributing to the improved city environment in Sofia. Among those the mayor mentioned the flower solutions during the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU and the Serdika tulips planting in 2019, gifted on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of establishing of diplomatic relations between the two countries. This fall Serdika tulips will be planted again in the flower gardens of Sofia. The two ladies also planted Serdika tulip bulbs.

The authors of the graffiti mural, Arsek & Erase, are focused predominantly on the illustration and surrealism. Their signature style includes fresh colours, funny and varied types of personalities, inspired by the nature and surrounding environment. Their artworks can be seen not only in Bulgaria, but also in USA, China, Taiwan, El Salvador, Russia and almost all European capitals.

The wall is included in the Sofia Graffiti walking tours, carried out every Saturday and Sunday at 15:00 hrs at the Sofia monument.

Ambassador Bea ten Tusscher interviewed

Arsek & Erase