Coronavirus response funding brings landscape-inspired Dutch art to the UK

Images of Groningen, the Netherlands, fill the walls of the Hundred Years Gallery in London from 19 to 29 November 2020. The short films and accompanying soundscapes, made by Dutch artist Richard Bolhuis, fill the entire gallery and are also exhibited on the gallery’s website and social media channels. Simultaneously, an audio-visual co-production between Anne La Berge (NL) and Phil Maguire (UK), inspired by a small windfarm in the North Sea, is digitally on display at London-based IKLECTIK Art Lab. Both these productions have been made available with support of the Dutch Embassy in the UK.

Stills from Solace by Richard Bolhuis (left) and SITE V by Anne La Berge and Phil Maguire (right)
©Dutch Embassy in the UK
Stills from Solace by Richard Bolhuis (left) and SITE V by Anne La Berge and Phil Maguire (right)

Immerse yourself in tranquility

Richard Bolhuis’ exhibition Solace consists of soundscapes, film loops and drawings. They all feature the tranquil countryside of Groningen, a province in the north of the Netherlands. Bolhuis' soundscapes play an elementary role in his non-linear films; they emphasize the meditative nature of these under the radar landscapes.

The experimental audio-visual production SITE V, by Dutch musician Anne La Berge and British musician and videographer Phil Maguire, is inspired by a windfarm off the coast of the Netherlands that consists of just two wind turbines: Borssele Site V. The windfarm is an innovation site where research is done to make sustainable energy production even more efficient. La Berge and Maguire’s low-volume, electro-acoustic music and slow-moving, 32-minute video production can be experienced on, the experimental digital platform of the London-based IKLECTIK Art Lab.

Supported by the Dutch Embassy in the UK

Both the exhibition of Richard Bolhuis at the Hundred Years Gallery and the collaboration between Anne La Berge and Phil Maguire, exhibited on IKLECTIK Off-Site, have been made available with funding from the Dutch Embassy in the United Kingdom. In response to the coronavirus crisis, the Embassy placed an open call in May 2020, asking arts professionals on both sides of the North Sea to come up with proposals to keep the cultural exchange between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom going, while taking all coronavirus measures into account. The Embassy received thirty proposals; 19 of these received funding. All these proposals have in common that they help artists in the Netherlands to reach audiences in the UK without having to physically travel across the North Sea.

Facilitating international cultural collaborations

One of the tasks of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the UK is to facilitate collaborations between cultural organisations in the United Kingdom and artists and designers in the Netherlands. As a result, audiences in the UK get the chance the experience art and design from the Netherlands. This is an important aspect of maintaining the excellent international relations between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Additionally, through international collaborations artists and designers from the Netherlands get to develop themselves further – creatively and professionally – which is to the benefit of the artists involved, as well as to the cultural sector in the Netherlands as a whole.

Contact the Dutch Embassy in the UK

To get in touch with a Cultural Attaché at the Dutch Embassy in the UK, please send us an email ( or give us a call (+44 20 7590 3269).