Alumni Alert: Green Tea Breakfast Sessions

The NL Embassy will bring together Alumni, NL businesses and relevant stakeholders in a series of breakfast events over the upcoming months. We will dive into the developments in a certain sector over breakfast and green tea. Sustainability is a key theme overall.

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Our first breakfast with Ambassador Grijns on ‘Digital Youth’ regards the digitalization of Indonesia and is scheduled for November 4th. In this session, we will discuss youth vision on  Indonesia’s digitalization: providing sustainable economic development, creating jobs and shaping future economic opportunities.

Are you an alumnus/alumna? Do you have clear ideas about the digitalization of Indonesia and do you see possibilities for improvement and cooperation with Dutch business? Send us your interest in participation by filling in the list of questions below via:

Please note: Covid-19 protocols will be followed strictly. We can invite a maximum of 4 alumni per event only.

Required information:

  1. Full Name
  2. Studying experience in the Netherlands (Degree and major/field of study)
  3. Phone number and e-mail  
  4. Linkedin page