Creative Connections between North Sea Neighbours

How do we ensure the cultural exchange between the Netherlands and the UK remains robust for years to come? If you work in the cultural sector in the UK and feel strongly about Anglo-Dutch cultural exchange, we would like to hear from you.

Cherishing Creative Connections between North Sea Neighbours
©Frank Hanswijk
Cherishing Creative Connections

Virtual session on 25 November

The Dutch Embassy in the UK, in collaboration with cultural intendant Floor Cornelisse, is organising a virtual session on 25 November for culture professionals who passionately believe that international collaborations are vital to achieve thriving cultural sectors on both sides of the North Sea, in the Netherlands and in the UK. Topics to discuss in a first session will include international mobility, digitalisation, and professional adaptation to changing circumstances. If you are interested in joining the conversation in November, and perhaps joining us in more meetings in the future, please send an email to, stating your interest and your contact details.

To ensure a good discussion, there is a limit to the number of participants we can accommodate at the virtual session on 25 November, but we aim to bring together a very diverse group of culture professionals. Professionals at cultural organisations (artistic directors, programmers, curators), artists/makers/creators and cultural policy officers are all welcome to join.

Information from the survey wil help us prepare for the session on 25 November. Your input is highly appreciated.