Looking Back, Looking Forward; Working Together, Though Apart

The Economic Team of the Embassy continues connecting Dutch and Indonesian economic opportunities in many sectors. We are shifting our trade activities digitally until the end of the year.

Dear readers,

Last March, in parallel to the State Visit of Their Majesties the King and the Queen, the successful Economic Mission to Indonesia was held and joined by more than 100 Dutch companies; resulted in a stronger connection between Dutch and Indonesian stakeholders, reflected for example in 25 signed agreements. Not long after that, COVID hit Indonesia, the Netherlands, and many countries in the world – demanding us to be creative in adjusting our way of working. Working in splendid isolation and still connected!

All of us obviously miss of course the social interaction we used to have when working in the office, but I am grateful that technology at least has allowed us to carry on and stay connected though being apart; continuing our work in strengthening our bilateral economic relationship. Some examples are our previous webinars on Collaboration between Corporates and Startups in July; Trade Facilitation and Role of Customs in August, and Dutch Training and Exposure Program in September.

Going forward, the Embassy will organize more online meetings in the coming months, not only to update Dutch companies on several topics, but also to promote economic collaboration between Dutch and Indonesian businesses. Information Sessions on Tax Administration, Import, and Customs are scheduled for September and October, which by now, Dutch companies should already have received an invitation to one of these meetings. These sessions are organized together with the Indonesian authorities, and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN).  

In addition to the above, our cooperation in the ASEAN region also becomes stronger. A regional digital mission is already planned from October to December, where companies could explore new and existing collaborations in the region. By the time you’re reading this, you might already have received this information. If not, stay tuned to our channel to get updates on this in the coming days.

Indonesia is a huge Archipelago and we are staying literally these days on our own islands. Most of our colleagues are working now from home. But despite the Covid crisis we try to keep the business running and rely on the technology to  stay connected with you. 

Please do not hesitate to send your questions or request to our mailbox, and subscribe to this newsletter (if you haven’t!) to receive the updates straight in your email.

Stay safe and healthy – hope to re-connect with you soon!

Hans de Brabander