Embassy and UGM Center for Security and Peace Studies organize Peace Goers Festival

The Embassy has supported the Center for Security and Peace Studies over the past 1,5 years to look into the dynamics of tolerance/intolerance in high schools in Yogyakarta and Solo. Peace Camps were held in all schools to encourage debate about how everyone is different and how everyone should be accepted the way they are. The program was closed with a Peace Goers Festival with all the schools that participated in the program. Due to COVID-19 the festival had to be carried out digitally, but that did not mean it was less fun. The different groups of students presented the projects they developed to discuss the issue of diversity and tolerance in their school, ranging from mini-soap series, vlogs to different kind of contests. Also Inaya Wahid, founder of the non-governmental organization Positive Movement, and singer Noe Letto joined in the event to share their inspirational stories about how diversity enriches society. Karena damai, itu keren! (because peace is cool) This video gives a short impression of the festival.