Embassy of the Netherlands and artmejo launch #mindthemind campaign

Why do we observe ‘World Mental Health Day’?

World Mental Health Day, which falls on October 10 of every year, is an international day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against the stigmatisation of mental health. The overall objective of the campaign is to raise awareness for mental health issues and mobilize efforts in support of mental health. The day provides an opportunity for all stakeholders working on mental health issues to talk about their work, and what more needs to be done to make mental health care a reality for  everyone.

Mental health has been at the forefront of discussions this year as the entire world deals with the disruptions and challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The overwhelming stress caused by a global pandemic, lock-downs, remote working and education, economic down-turns and much more has had significant mental health consequences on people all over the world. In Jordan, mental health and well-being remains a topic that is stigamtised. In addition to scaling up mental health and psychosocial support across the Kingdom, there is still an urgent need to foster a more open and knowledgeable environment around mental health issues, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences.

The theme for Mental Health Day this year is “Mental Health for All: Greater Investment – Greater Access”.  The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands will be running a campaign throughout the month of October to raise awareness about Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS).

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Commitment of the Netherlands to advocate for mental health and psychosocial support

The Netherlands is a long-standing supporter of initiatives and projects for improving MHPSS in crisis situations and has a long history in helping develop expertise on MHPSS, making it a forerunner in the field. The Netherlands uses this position to join other countries and organizations in calling for improvements in the provision of and integration of MHPSS in emergency aid, and calling for efforts and funding to be scaled up. Read more here and here.

This campaign aligns closely with the priorities of the Netherlands and the policy priorities of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Jordan. Our work on MHPSS in Jordan is mainstreamed into key sectors such as education, employment, and social protection. MHPSS is also part of the social protection strategy of the Embassy. For example, the Netherlands in Jordan supports a number of local and international organisations who provide psychosocial support and counseling sessions for youth, vulnerable communities and refugees as part of their wider programming.

To further raise awareness on mental health and well-being in Jordan, especially during these trying times- the Embassy, in partnership with artmejo and Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya (as the community engagement partner) is launching an open call to muralists to shed light on the issue and importance of mental health.   

Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya is a non-profit community development organization that works with disenfranchised communities through education, youth volunteerism and grassroots organizing. Ruwwad’s Community Support Program focuses heavily on providing access to and awareness of psycho-social support sessions.

Be a part of the conversation: open call for artists!

We're calling on all artists to help us create a dialogue about mental health by creating murals that spread positive messages about the subject. #MindtheMind is an opportunity for local artists and muralists to raise awareness of the importance of mental health through public art.

The campaign will take shape as a series of murals in three different locations. We are looking for submissions by a group of artists - so this is an opportunity to get in touch with that artists that you're a fan of and collaborate with them! At least one member of the submitting group should have a background in mural art on big scales. Artworks will be chosen by a panel of professionals and will be created on three walls.

How to participate:

• Attend the community session held by Ruwwad al Tanmeya to learn more about the campaign on Wednesday 23 September from 1pm - 3pm*. Interested artists are highly recommended to attend to learn more about the campaign. The session will also allow interested artists to engage in conversation with Ruwwad’s community around the topic of mental health. The session will be led by professional counselors. RSVP to the community session by emailing info@artmejo.com by 5pm on Monday 20 September 2020.

• Submit artwork proposals by email to info@artmejo by Wednesday 30 September 2020.

*this two hour session will be held either virtually or in person depending on the level of interest we receive. If the total number of attendees is above 20, we will have the session online to keep in line with the current COVID-19 restrictions put in place by the Government of Jordan.

Criteria for artists:

•Submissions should be sent in as a group (minimum 2 people, maximum 4 people). The group can be made up of artists, designers, calligraphers, or artists working in any other art format.

•Typography-based artworks are encouraged.

•At least one member of the group submitting artworks must have experience in applying art directly onto walls and large surface.

•Artists to submit three artworks that will be implemented in three different locations. The three artworks should be approached as a series, and should have a cohesive look, linking to each other in style and messaging.

•All visual artworks – paintings, sketches, illustrations – need to be submitted in a jpg. or png. format

This project comes in collaboration with artmejo, an online platform for visual art in Jordan.