Dutch National Library, an Online Information Treasure

The Erasmus Huis is very present online with the (((e-rasmushuis))) live streams, but unfortunately we do not have a digital library available yet. However, we are keen to share that there is a great alternative where you can indulge yourselve online in Dutch literature and culture: the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB) or the Dutch National Library.

The KB offers a platform where people and information come together. Currently they are working on the development of a national digital library, but a lot of their sources are already digitized.

While the website of the KB is both in Dutch and English, it gives access to an immense treasure of information about Dutch culture, literature, history, philosophy and gives access to a lot of online sources as well, most of them free of charge.

For instance: they have a big collection of digitized newspapers from the past so you can read everything you want to know about the opening of the Erasmus Huis 50 years ago. Or are you curious what was in the news on the day you were born? Simply fill out the date that you were born here and you can choose which newspaper you want to see. 

Ever wondered who Erasmus was, how he lived and what he wrote in his days? You can find it all here.