Dutch Design in 3D on your own device at London Design Festival

Explore 'The Healing Collection' at London Design Festival, from 12 to 20 September 2020. You won’t have to leave your home to see the pieces created by six design studios from the Netherlands and to hear the designers talk about their craft. The entire exhibition is online. A virtual tour of 'The Healing Collection' and Instagram Live interviews are scheduled for Saturday 19 September.

Find out more on the Virtual Design Desitination website.

'Bicolore Bench' by BCXSY
Image: ©Adorno
'Bicolore Bench' by BCXSY is one of the pieces of 'The Healing Collection', on show at LDF2020

'The Healing Collection' from the Netherlands

The central theme of the Dutch collection is healing. Healing the planet, healing society, and healing the individual. "The collection is presented on a mirrored landscape of flowing water, the substance that fills our bodies, keeps us alive, and that the Netherlands has been built on", the press release reads.

The designers selected for the Dutch Design exhibition include: BCXSY, Lindey Cafsia and Studio Carbon, Fransje Gimbrere, Studio Vetra, Yoon Seok-Hyeon, and Rive Roshan. The latter design duo are the curators of 'The Healing Collection'.

About the Dutch designers

BCXSY have worked with Laboratorio Morseletto to create the 'Bicolore Bench'. The sculptural benches have been created out of pieces of rock that would usually be considered "imperfect", due to the two different colours.

Lindey Cafsia and Studio Carbon are using good old cow dung to form geometric sculptural planters for this collection.

Fransje Gimbrere has created a collection of 'Standing Textiles'. "The collection of fragile-looking, sturdy string forms shows the vulnerability of our society while consisting of a process which involves a ritual of intricately crafting each piece with a custom loom", according to the curators.

Atelier Vetra's “Volta” Rug is made in Nepal, hand-dyed and knotted with traditional Tibetan knots of the highest quality. The curators call it "a typology created to enter our homes and bring us together in one place."

Studio Yoon Seok-Hyeon has developed a technique that enables the re-use or recycling of glazed ceramics. "Yoon Seok-Hyeon's collection of circular tableware brings together past and present, moments and experiences."

Rive Roshan have collaborated with German design firm Sandhelden to create 'Sand in Motion', a series of sculptural objects made of 3D-printed sand. Additionally, Rive Roshan are presenting a collection of corrugated mirrors, "created to bring joy into our lives and remind us of the beauty of our surroundings."

Fourteen countries at LDF's Virtual Design Destination

The Virtual Design Destination is presented by design platform Adorno. Fourteen European countries are participating in this virtual exhibition. The collection from the Netherlands has been curated by Rive Roshan, a design-duo from Amsterdam.

Supported by the Dutch Embassy in the UK

Showcasing 'The Healing Collection' during London Design Festival has been made possible with support from the Dutch Embassy in the UK. Would you like to know more about the Embassy's efforts to help artists and designers from the Netherlands to exhibit their work in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland? Contact us on LON-PPC@minbuza.nl.