Stand up and speak out for the rights of women with Pledge United!

Clare is just like any 16-year-old girl within Indonesia. She is bright, has great social skills, loves hanging out with her friends and is dreaming of going to university. Clare has been part of our program here within INSPIRE for the last two years.

However, Clare has a secret she is ashamed to share with anyone. She was on holiday last year in Indonesia when she was raped by an Indonesian man. Clare’s story is not made up; her name is, but not her story, and sadly it’s far more common within Indonesia than people realize. A nationwide survey conducted by Statistics Indonesia (BPS) found that one in three women in Indonesia suffered violence in their lifetime.

It is for this reason that the Embassy over the past year has supported INSPIRE in collaboration with WorldCoaches for their Pledge United program.

Pledge United is an experiential football program that uses football to make boys aware of the issues of sexism within Indonesia. It looks at the rights of women, what it is to be a man, and how to deal with anger, as it educates boys about treating women with respect and honor. It also teaches boys how to be leaders and encourages them to stand up and speak out for the rights of women within their school, community and family. Over the past year, 400 coaches and 9000 boys were reached in 17 cities in Indonesia.

Truly inspiring, as you can see in this video.

Pledge United