CBI Kick-Off Workshop for Home Decoration

CBI, the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries, hosted a kick-off workshop for home decoration on 30 July, joined by 23 Indonesian companies participating in the Export Coaching Project.


During the visit of CBI Managing Director, Hans Obdeijn, to Jakarta last October, CBI and Directorate General National Export Development of the Indonesian Ministry of Trade signed a MoU concerning Export Development of Indonesian Home Decoration Products. The objective of the MoU is to establish cooperation in the field of export development and to enhance the  competitiveness of local companies and increase their export of Indonesian home decoration products to the European market.

93 Indonesian companies have applied to join the program, of which 23 have been accepted. Previously, CBI and the Ministry of Trade were planning to have the kick-off meeting to start the program for the selected companies earlier in the year. Due to COVID-19, this had not been realised. Instead they opted for an online kick-off that took place on 30 July. The kick-off workshop is meant as the official launch of the CBI program on Home Decoration in Indonesia. For the coming years, the participating companies will receive coaching in exporting to and in becoming competitive in the European market for home decoration.

CBI is an agency under the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs assisting the export of developing countries into Europe. The Indonesian Ministry of Trade and the Ministry of Industry have a long-lasting partnership with CBI, mainly in the export of Home Decoration and Natural Ingredients products. This shows the continued Dutch Government’s support through various CBI programs that have been present for many years in Indonesia.

During his opening remarks, Ambassador Lambert Grijns congratulated all 23 companies for being selected on the program and said that he can understand why they were selected as their products are very Indonesian and of high quality. The Ambassador also explained that the Netherlands is the gateway to Europe for most Indonesian products, so chances are their products will be imported through the Port of Rotterdam.