Vacancy: Senior Driver/Maintenance Officer

The Netherlands Embassy in Sana'a, Yemen is opening a temporary office in Amman and are looking to hire a Senior Driver/Maintenance Office.

Deadline for submission of applications is Monday 24 August 2020, at 5 PM. Send your CV and photo to:

General features of job

  • The driver transports people and goods and maintains the official car.
  • The senior driver transports embassy staff and international or other delegations by car, performs security duties and prepares and completes driving assignments.
  • The driver must have the required general basic knowledge of applicable rules and regulations (ability to drive, practical knowledge of car mechanics and topography, etc.). The senior driver must have more than just basic knowledge (e.g. knowledge of security regulations, route planning, car mechanics).
  • The senior driver must be more independent and use more judgement when carrying out the work. Whereas the driver must carry out driving assignments in accordance with instructions received, the senior driver must prepare and complete the assignments independently.
  • The senior driver takes decisions about transport arrangements, whether to take alternative routes and whether to take preventive security measures in the event of incidents.
  • Protocols, timetables, security procedures, predetermined scenarios and driving schedules are applicable.
  • The maintenance officer carries out maintenance on buildings, installations, grounds and contents, and deals with breakdowns.
  • The maintenance officer is accountable to the Head of Operational Management for providing general technical assistance. As senior driver he is accountable to the Head of Operational Management for the transport of people and goods and day-to-day vehicle maintenance.
  • Detailed work instructions are applicable.
  • The maintenance officer takes decisions when carrying out assembly and disassembly work and replacing components.


The senior driver is mainly responsible for the transport by car of embassy staff and international or other delegations in situations with heightened security risks.

  • Transporting embassy staff and international or other delegations by car by:
    • As the driver of a motor vehicle, carrying out official driving assignments for embassy staff and international or other delegations.
    • Ensuring that everything runs smoothly during and in connection with the journey, and taking action to deal with traffic congestion or breakdowns.
  • Preparing and completing driving assignments by:
    • Checking daily that the car is presentable and ready to be driven, and that the security and communication equipment is working.
    • Keeping records of journeys and vehicle records.
  •  In appropriate cases, helping to provide security by:
    • Taking action in unusual situations during the journey (evasive driving in accordance with security procedures, finding alternative routes in unforeseen circumstances, etc.).
    • Helping to assess security risks, incidents, etc.

The maintenance officer is carrying out maintenance on buildings, installations and contents:

  • Repairing and replacing parts of installations in and contents of buildings, and maintaining the grounds belonging to the building.
  • Helping to make/keep vehicles, buildings, equipment and machinery ready for use.
  • Repairing simple breakdowns and defects, carrying out simple repairs and making proposals to call in external firms.

Working environment

The Netherlands has built up a good name in Yemen, as a long-term development cooperation donor.

However, since February 2015, a civil war has raged in Yemen that has claimed thousands of victims. Two thirds of the Yemeni population are hungry. For a long time now, most (government) employees no longer receive a salary. Fuel and electricity have become scarce goods.

The Dutch Embassy in Sana’a temporarily closed to the public on 12 February 2015 and the expat staff was evacuated. The local team continued its work in Sana’a (9 staff members). The expat staff works since that day from The Hague, Amman or Riyadh. In the course of 2020, a temporary office will be opened in Amman and the staff in The Hague (7 Dutch expats and 1 intern) will be relocated. In Amman, you will be working with this Dutch staff and 3 locally employed staff members.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs pursues an active diversity policy and focuses on an inclusive organization. We do this by optimally deploying and utilizing the differences of people by striving for diversity in gender, cultural background, age and suchlike, in the composition of teams and in the recruitment of new talent.

Knowledge and skills

Level of education: pre-vocational level (plus driving licence)

Level of experience: experience of driving specially adapted vehicles.


  • Knowledge of the various security regulations.
  • Practical knowledge of car mechanics and topography.
  • Skill in reading maps.
  • Skill in dealing courteously with passengers.
  • Skill in assessing situations that threaten security and in taking de-escalating or other action.


  • Practical knowledge of and skill in operating available equipment.
  • Knowledge of safety regulations and the prescribed procedures.
  • Skill in using tools and simple equipment.
  • Skill in carrying out various types of routine maintenance on buildings, contents and grounds.
  • Skill in dealing with complaints and reports of breakdowns


The Senior Driver/Maintenance driver will have regular contact with the following:

  • With passengers, to enquire about their specific wishes.
  • With fellow drivers, to prepare journeys.
  • With security staff, to exchange information and make agreements about the route to be taken in the light of the applicable security strategy.
  • With embassy staff, to provide information about the building, installations and contents.
  • With external firms, to provide information in the event of breakdowns.