Vacany: Administrative Assistant Internal Affairs

The Netherlands Embassy in Sana'a, Yemen is opening a temporary office in Amman and are looking to hire an Administrative Assistant Internal Affairs (IZ).

The Administrative Assistant (IZ) provides organisational, secretarial and administrative support to management and/or staff of the Embassy:

  • provides administrative support to e.g. management and Embassy staff;
  • provides administrative support for a varied but related range of subjects;
  • is reasonably able to work independently;
  • acts as information point/front office;
  • supplies data and summaries and provides information for management and other staff;
  • maintains contacts with a view to providing information.

Deadline for submission of applications is Monday 24 August 2020, at 5 PM. Send your CV and photo to:


A. Human resources support

  • Provide administrative support services such as keeping employee sick leave records, keeping lists and agendas for staff, looking after the health of local staff.
  • Coordinate and control the work of local staff (drivers, maintenance and security), management of their timetable (task schedules) and quality of execution.

B. Physical resources support

  • Inform expatriates about the possibilities in a complex environment (developing countries, cultural differences, etc.), for example by informing them of available accommodation, arranging IDs, assisting with removals, customs declaration of goods, etc.
  • Choose suppliers; draw up orders and contracts for maintenance, service and provision, place firm orders within the financial limits provided, submitting them for agreement to the OM.
  • Management of office equipment and materials (technical equipment, office, official cars and works of art belonging to the State), for the chancellery and for the official residence and those of diplomats, control and update of the content, site plans etc.

C. Administrative and financial support

  • Recording of incoming invoices and preparation of payments (the assistant submits the invoices to the Financial Service Office (FSO) for processing, after agreement by the OM (Operational Manager).
  • Keep a record of predictable payments.
  • Internal invoicing and its preparation.
  • Control of invoices (check contracts if necessary) and travel declarations before payment.

D. Other business

  • responds to a wide-ranging variety of questions, requests and calls;
  • acts as information point/front office;
  • prioritises, assesses urgency, monitors progress and completion of tasks, identifies issues and sends reminders;
  • provides general information on procedure, and administrative and organisational processes
  • elaborates and draws up documents and takes care of correspondence, following general instructions;
  • provides general administrative, logistical and organisational support (including official visits, missions, official trips and working visits);
  • receives and speaks to visitors;
  • creates and updates work files;
  • provides information for management and other staff.


  • internal administrative procedures and regulations;
  • assessment based on progress and completeness of secretarial, organisational and administrative support work;
  • choices are made as to how tasks are performed.

Knowledge and skill requirements

  • skilled in Windows-driven MS Office programs such as Word and Excel, Outlook;
  • knowledge of general administrative procedures and regulations;
  • knowledge of standard documentation and digital archiving techniques;
  • understanding of functional relationships and of relevant administrative processes within the organisation;
  • skilled in receiving and speaking to staff and third parties;
  • skilled in collecting and interpreting data and providing management information;
  • skilled in secretarial-like administrative work.


  • Plan
  • Works quickly and withstand stress
  • Takes initiatives
  • Collaborate
  • Willingness to get results
  • Integrity

Level of education/ additional training and knowledge

  • Secondary vocational level (MBO);
  • Specific training, knowledge (e.g. of languages) or experience.

Work environment

The Netherlands has built up a good name in Yemen, as a long-term development cooperation donor.

However, since February 2015, a civil war has raged in Yemen that has claimed thousands of victims. Two thirds of the Yemeni population are hungry. For a long time now, most (government) employees no longer receive a salary. Fuel and electricity have become scarce goods.

The Dutch Embassy in Sana’a temporarily closed to the public on 12 February 2015 and the expat staff was evacuated. The local team continued its work in Sana’a (9 staff members). The expat staff works since that day from The Hague, Amman or Riyadh. In the course of 2020, a temporary office will be opened in Amman and the staff in The Hague (7 Dutch expats and 1 intern) will be relocated. In Amman, you will be working with this Dutch staff and 3 locally employed staff members.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs pursues an active diversity policy and focuses on an inclusive organization. We do this by optimally deploying and utilizing the differences of people by striving for diversity in gender, cultural background, age and suchlike, in the composition of teams and in the recruitment of new talent.

Staff member profile

A person with great affinities with operational affairs. Mentality and practical approach. Able to manage staff from different cultures, in accordance with international standards. Able to negotiate and supervise projects in terms of their management and execution. Given the wide spectrum of tasks, the assistant must have good resistance to stress and have a multitasking attitude. He / she must be flexible and energetic. He / she must be ready to assist when necessary in all areas of the administrative section's activities.