Training for Legal Disseminators

Did you know that the Netherlands & Indonesia work together on ways to better inform citizens about the laws? Think of: how can we ensure that people stick to the traffic rules? What can we do to prevent bullying at schools? What measures can we adopt to reduce domestic violence? How can we ensure that all 270 million inhabitants of Indonesia understand the law and abide by the law? These are amongst the daily questions that Indonesia’s Ministry of Law’s legal disseminators must answer.

It is also one of the subjects that the Netherlands and Indonesia have been collaborating on over the past year as part of STUNED, funded through Nuffic NESO. In this edition, Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC) has been working with BPSDM Kumham on the best training methodology for these legal disseminators that work throughout the entire country to inform people about the laws and their rights as part of their collaboration under the Refresher Courses funded by the Orange Knowledge Programme. A challenging yet very important job for the rule of law! For more information on the training and a video, go to: