Erasmus Huis Launches Online Program "e-rasmus huis"

e-rasmus huis is the latest program by Erasmus Huis, the Dutch Cultural Centre in Indonesia. It is an online program offering a wide variety of arts and cultural events, including music concerts, film screenings, and art performances.

Dutch Movie 2020: Family Film Festival

As part of the e-rasmus huis, Dutch Movie 2020: Family Film Festival will screen a Dutch film every month until December 2020. All films are for the whole family to enjoy and they will be with Indonesian subtitles. Six Dutch children's films have been selected for the festival, namely “Secrets of War”, “Alfie the Werewolf”, “My Giraffe”, “Dummie the Mummy”, “T.I.M.”, and “Wiplala”. In total 400 in logs will be available for the day of the screening. You can register via the link on the Erasmus Huis social media channels a few days before the screening and will receive an in log with which you can stream the film online on the day of the screening between 10.00 and 18.00. The screening of the first film, “Secrets of War” on the 19th of July, has been very successful with almost 400 subscribers. The upcoming film in August is Alfie the Werewolf, in which Alfie suddenly turns into a white fluffy werewolf when he turns seven. This film will be screened on August 16. Keep an eye on our social media channel to register for the screening.

Music and art performances

Every month, e-rasmus huis will also have live music concerts or art performances online. From psychedelic rock, electronic music, pop singer-songwriter to mime, these performances will surely inspire and entertain our audience. Most of the performers are Erasmus Huis alumni, such as DeWolff and Emil Landman who performed at the Erasmus Huis in 2018-2019 but we also have some new acts like Annabel Laura, Jakob Ahlbom Company and Tin Men & the Telephone, an interactive performance.

The online music concerts and art performances can be watched on Erasmus Huis’s YouTube channel: On the 17th of July 2020 DeWolff kicked-off the program by playing live from Electrosaurus Southern Sound Studio in Utrecht. DeWolff is a Dutch psychedelic trio formed in 2007 that sounds like an old soul in a young body; an eccentric and rocking young band. Missed their energizing performance? You can still watch it on the Erasmus Huis YouTube channel.

The upcoming concert is a special live collaboration from the Dutch band Ciao Lucifer and Indonesian electronic duo Bottlesmoker on Sunday the 9th of August at 20.00. Ciao Lucifer is a duo of high school friends playing lo-fi powerpop. Last year they performed at the Erasmus Huis, as well as in Yogyakarta and Solo, where they collaborated with Bottlesmoker creating a one-of-a-kind composition.

Don’t forget to mark the 22nd in your agenda too. Then singer-songwriter Emil Landmann will give a live performance on our YouTube channel. 

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