Indonesia and the Netherlands: Solving Global Challenges Together by Finding Smart Solutions for a Sustainable Future

The Netherlands is keen to partner up with Indonesia to create smart solutions in solving global challenges. Both Indonesia and the Netherlands face common challenges in various fields, such as the impact of climate change on coastal protection and water resources, the accessibility of healthcare, the shift to a circular economy and an increasing pressure on food production systems. Collaboration between the two countries enables exchange of knowledge and expertise in finding smart and innovative solutions together.

Let’s take a look at some partnerships and initiatives below:

Smart Solutions for Sustainable Agri & Food

  • With the growing demand for high quality food products in Indonesia, especially in the poultry sector, collaboration is crucial in ensuring an innovative and sustainable poultry value chain. FoodTechIndonesia – a partnership between leading Dutch companies and knowledge institutions – aims to strengthen the poultry sector in Indonesia by sharing best practices through demonstration and training, providing Indonesian companies integrated solutions in the value chain.
  • To enhance farmers welfare and to improve food security, bilateral Dairy Development Cooperation initiative was launched in 2014 in West Java, Indonesia by building integrated Milk Collecting Points (MCP) and followed by Dairy Village in 2018. Project implementer is Frisian Flag Indonesia (part of Friesland Campina). The MCPs are the first modern integrated facility in Indonesia, and the Dairy Village aims to provide to the participating farmers the best practices of The Netherlands modern and sustainable dairy production while providing a better access for Indonesian consumers to high nutritional value of dairy products. This initiative has been made possible through partnership between Dutch and Indonesian companies, organizations, cooperatives and knowledge Institutions, supported by the Dutch Government through the Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security program (FDOV).

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Smart Solutions for Maritime Connectivity and Delta Development

  • Partnership between Indonesia and the Netherlands in the maritime sector allows for fruitful exchange of knowledge and innovation. A strong maritime sector plays a crucial role in supporting the economic developments of the country and the region. Following the signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 2016, extended in 2019, both governments, the private sector and knowledge institutes join forces to realize maritime goals and solve shared challenges. Bilateral Maritime Forum is organized annually, allowing public and private sectors from both countries to discuss current opportunities and developments in the sector, such as on infrastructure (e.g. Port Development and Shipbuilding) and education. A cluster of companies and institutions in the shipbuilding sector also teamed up to accelerate the Shipbuilding sector in Indonesia as part of the Partners for International Business program.
  • Capacity Building and Vocational Training is the core of the partnership in maritime connectivity and delta development between the Netherlands and Indonesia. Through this, both countries are able to share best practices and promote sustainable initiatives. For instance the Dutch Training & Exposure Program (DUTEP), a project focusing on integrated urban water management in Indonesia; and Port Training Center, focusing on enhancing skills of Indonesian port workers; where higher education institutes, the private sector and the government work closely together to make these programs a success.
Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Sigrid Kaag, and #CircularEconomy companies visited the prototype and first interceptor of The Ocean Cleanup in Jakarta during the State Visit this year.
©The Embassy of The Kingdom of the Netherlands/Dwi Prasetya

Smart Solutions for Water and Waste

  • Intensive partnership and collaboration between the Dutch and Indonesian governments, NGOs and knowledge institutions have been a fundamental factor in enhancing access to clean water and sanitation and achieving a circular economy in Indonesia.
  • Through programs like SIMAVI/SEHATI (Sustainable Sanitation and Hygiene in Eastern Indonesia), and USDP2, 23.000 additional people have been reached and now have sustainable access to and can make use of improved sanitation facilities. These activities are supporting the national government sanitation program, known as STBM (Community-led Total Sanitation). Through Joint Cooperation Program (JCP), stakeholders from both countries are partnering to provide data and tools for water and climate in Indonesia.
  • The Netherlands is working together with Indonesia on Waste Management and Circular Economy. During the State Visit and Economic Mission in March 2020, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed to create comprehensive cooperation on waste management and circular economy, where pilot projects, capacity building, demonstrating innovative technologies and many more activities will be implemented.
  • Growing challenges in waste management require all the stakeholders involved to come up with smart solutions. A group of Dutch companies and institutions, supported by the Dutch government, are partnering up in providing green initiatives for sustainable waste management through the Ecoparks program.

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Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of the Environment and Forestry and the Ministry of Public Works and Housing of the Republic of Indonesia and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment of the Netherlands concerning the Cooperation

Visit to Dharmais
©Embassy of The Kingdom of the Netherlands in Indonesia/Edy Purnomo

Smart Solutions for Life Sciences and Health

  • Solving global health challenges requires a robust partnership, such as in fostering innovation, supporting research & development, and also exchanging knowledge. The Dutch and Indonesian governments are partnering to work together in providing smart solutions towards the shared challenges, following the signed bilateral Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the topic back in November 2018. Both countries are committed to strengthen cooperation in health. This will be done through sharing of expertise and joint projects, covering a number of areas including but not limited to primary health, hospital strengthening, digitalization, geriatric services, communicable disease control, anti-microbial resistance, cancer and tuberculosis.
  • Both countries facilitate joint platforms where experts could meet and share insights, for instance during the yearly Economic Mission, the Health-Technology Discussion and various knowledge-to-knowledge collaborations.  All of these collaborative efforts are aimed to enhance access towards an improved healthcare provision, where partnership between both governments, companies, organizations and academic institutions play a crucial role in reaching the goals.

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