Flowers from the Netherlands in Korea

The Netherlands is a country of flowers! Flowers and the Netherlands are inseparable, and the Korean population loves the colorful Dutch landscape and flowers. The agricultural office of the embassy of the Netherlands in Korea carried out a study focusing on business opportunities in the Korean flower market and organised a Hope Flower Campaign to thank Korean medical staff fighting COVID-19.

The agricultural office of the embassy of the Netherlands in Seoul noticed that the average flower consumption of the Korean consumer has decreased in recent years. The agricultural office therefore commissioned a market survey in 2019 to study the Korean flower market. One of the recommendations of this study was to promote and increase appreciation for flowers amongst Korean consumers, for example by demonstrating the power of flowers through a flower campaign.

Amid the outbreak of COVID-19, such a flower campaign was set up, to thank the caretakers for their efforts during the Corona crisis and at the same time to support the Korean (cut) flower farmers who are severely affected by this crisis.

The campaign consisted of three parts:

• Offering 1000 tulip bouquets to healthcare frontliners at the Seoul Medical Center where Corona patients are taken care of. By donating the flowers, the embassy showed its appreciation for caregivers' commitment to the fight against COVID-19. The tulips were grown locally by Korean farmers from Dutch bulbs.

• The “message of Hope” video, in which the ambassador of the Netherlands in Korea  thanked all caretakers for their efforts amid the outbreak of COVID-19 and expressed her support for Korean flower farmers. This video was made in the oldest tulip garden in Korea.

• Finally, a Social Media event was organized with a famous Korean journalist, in which flower bouquets were offered to Koreans who wanted to thank or support someone.

The campaign created beautiful moments and powerful images, showing that flowers have a positive effect on people, be it in the Netherlands or in Korea!

©Lilly Kim
Ambassador Joanne Doornewaard offers flowers to Seoul Medical Center

Please find the study on the Korean flower market on: LINK Sectorstudie snijbloemen Zuid-Korea

For a video on the Hope Flower Campaign go to: LINK Hope Flower Campaign Zuid-Korea