Launch of Netherlands “Ecoparks”: Green Initiative for Sustainable Waste Management

During the Economic Mission, the Netherlands Ecoparks concept was launched by the companies and organizations taking part in the Partners for International Business (PIB) program on Waste Management. The Ecoparks aim to offer an integrated approach towards solid waste management in Indonesia, for instance by addressing the role of households and waste handling practices and also their interactions with other actors in the waste system.

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The Ecoparks concept was launched with a brochure and dedicated website which is accessible through As the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation H. E. Sigrid Kaag expressed to the PIB team during the Economic Mission, "Circularity is the way to go in Indonesia!".

The PIB on Waste Management itself was launched in 2019, whereas the members, Dutch Companies Afvalzorg, AWECT, HYVA, Leapfrog, and Metasus, joined the Circular Economy track during the Economic Mission. In addition to launching the Ecoparks concept, the track, consisting of 30 companies in the waste, water, and circular economy sector, also attended seminars on Integrated Waste Management, a matchmaking session, followed by a visit to Indonesia’s largest landfill Bantar Gebang.

Some agreements were also signed by the companies, such as AWECT, that signed an MOU with Indonesian company PT Bina Karya (Persero) on Ecoparks, while Afvalzorg signed an MOU with Indonesian company Waste4Change on organic waste processing using black soldier flies.

To explore the Ecoparks concept, join the LinkedIn Group “Waste and Circular Economy Netherlands – Indonesia” or contact the PIB coordinator, Mr. Bert Keesman of MetaSus through