Important Updates for OKP Scholarship Applicants

In the past days and weeks, we have all been increasingly affected by the measures that were taken in response to the corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Considering the closing of workplaces and government offices in many OKP partner countries in recent times due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it has proven to be difficult for many scholarship applicants to acquire their government and employer statements in the regular way and/or form. Therefore, we would like to announce the following adjustments:

  1. We will accept Employer Statements that have been signed digitally and/or have not been stamped, provided there are no doubts regarding their authenticity and it meets all other requirements as mentioned on the Nuffic website.

  2. We will also accept OKP scholarship applications that do not contain a Government Statement, even though the applicant would normally be required to submit one with their application according to the ‘Government Statement Requirements OKP.

    OKP applicants may instead upload a self-written declaration as to why it was not possible for them to acquire a Government Statement when submitting the application, and obtain one only after selection of their application for a scholarship.

We hope this advises all applicants and helps ensure safe conditions for all.