Embassy in Skopje - Measures with Respect to Covid-19

North Macedonia has confirmed cases of the corona virus. The authorities have therefore taken national measures to reduce the risk of the virus spreading. Schools are closed and large gatherings and conferences are canceled. Cafés, restaurants, theaters, cinemas and sports clubs are also closed. Shopping malls are closed. Pharmacies and supermarkets and shops that sell food remain open. Everyone has to follow the news for newly introduced measures.

The color for the travel advice changes from "green" (no special safety risks) to "yellow" (note: safety risks). Travelers from the Netherlands are no longer allowed entry. Are you traveling from another country where the coronavirus has been diagnosed? Then there may be entry restrictions or a total entry ban. Please contact your travel agent or airline for possible consequences. Follow the media for further information about any coronavirus infections. See the website of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia for more nformation.

As of March 16, employees of the embassy will work from home. The consular department is closed except for emergencies. The embassy in Skopje also performs consular functions for Kosovo and Albania. Our embassies in Prishtina and Tirana are notified.

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