Ineke Vandoorn and Marc van Vugt Duo Gave Mesmerizing Performance in Their Indonesian Tour

Ineke Vandoorn and Marc van Vugt Duo  Erasmus Huis

Ineke Vandoorn and Marc van Vugt Duo performing in Erasmus Huis

The winners of Edison Awards (Dutch Grammy) Ineke Vandoorn and Marc van Vugt Duo gave memorable concerts as they toured Indonesia on December 7-13, 2019. Their first concert was at the Erasmus Huis Jakarta, followed by a concert at Tembi Rumah Budaya in Bantul, Yogyakarta, and another at Wisma Chandra Bandar Lampung.

Vandoorn and van Vugt mesmerised the audience with her warm vocals and his enchanting arrangements. At Erasmus Huis, their concert was opened by Gerald Situmorang and Sri Hanuraga, who performed as a duo playing a unique mixed genre. They both also won AMI (Indonesian Music Awards) in two separate occasions. The two duos performed a unique collaborative performance at the end of their concert.

Meanwhile in Yogyakarta, Purwanto of the award-winning group Kua Etnika also gave a special performance prior to Vandoorn and van Vugt's, as well as a unique collaboration - mixing Javanese traditional gamelan music with modern jazz.