Sinking Cities, Jakarta by Cynthia Boll

"Sinking Cities, Jakarta", a photo and multimedia exhibition by Zilveren Camera 2018 Winner Cynthia Boll was successfully opened at the Erasmus Huis on November 21, 2019. The exhibition highlights the influence of water on the lives of the people of Jakarta, as the city is rapidly sinking at an alarming rate of 8-20 cm per year.

SInking Cities
Image: ©Erasmus Huis/Oxalis Atindriyaratri / Erasmus Huis/Oxalis Atindriyaratri

The exhibition was opened by the Dutch Ambassador to Indonesia Lambert Grijns, who emphasized the power of photography in telling a story of an important topic like water and climate change. He also mentioned the cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlands in solving water-related problems.

Koos Wieriks, Principal Advisor of the National Capital Integrated Coastal Development (NCICD) project further described on the cooperation between the two countries in tackling the problem, saying that if no action is taken, four million people in Jakarta will be at serious risk of being flooded in ten years' time.

In one of the videos displayed at the exhibition Cynthia Boll explained the similarities between Jakarta and the Netherlands: Her backyard is below sea level and a pumping mechanism had to be done to prevent flooding. As she visited Indonesia on a number of occasions between 2015 to 2018, she witnessed how people in mostly North Jakarta are highly affected by the subsidence.

The exhibition also displays the winning photographs of Sinking Cities, as well as complementing images and 3D installation. It runs until 20 December 2019.

Sinking Cities
Image: ©Erasmus Huis/Oxalis Atindriyaratri / Erasmus Huis/Oxalis Atindriyaratri