Dutch Participation at the 3rd Indonesia Circular Economy Forum

The Netherlands provided two speakers at the 3rd Indonesia Circular Economy Forum 2019.

(Photo: Jessica Reis Leffers (second from right) and Martin van Nieuwenhoven (outer right side), colleagues from Rijkswaterstaat)
©Dutch Embassy Indonesia

Sharing Dutch knowledge and expertise during the session on Best Practices in Europe. Martin van Nieuwenhoven about Circular Economy: “There is no way back anymore. Circular economy is the future. We need to work in a closed loop, all stakeholders together.”

The Dutch government will take various measures to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Rules and legislation that stand in the way of the transition are being amended, for example. The Government also actively supports businesses that are engaging in circular practices. The aim is for 50% of materials to be reused as far as is possible by 2030, and for waste to be converted into usable raw materials where possible.

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